It was time.  I was unhappy with the direction in my life and needed a dramatic change.  I guess you could call it
an early "Mid-Life Crisis."  I quit my job and sold my place.  With the proceeds, I am financing this trip across
North America, the Caribbean and South America.  The trip will serve multiple purposes for me, including: seeing
all the sites that I have long wanted to see, but have not had the time, visiting with friends and family across
America, helping me decide where I want to live once my travels are done, keeping this photo/text journal and just
enjoying myself before I start the next phase in my life.  I hope you enjoy following my journey/adventures ...

If you would like to reach me:
e-mail:  adam
 My travels over these past eleven months was a once in a lifetime experience.  Something I would never trade-
in.  It did have its difficult moments and its periods of bliss and exhilaration.  
 The trip in general was pretty much what I expected it would be.  I got to see many places and attend many
spectacular events that I had always wanted to see and never had the time and/or resources to do so before.  I
got to catch-up with old friends and family across the country and meet many new and interesting people.  I was
able to pursue my interest in photography; both, digital photos for my web-site and to document my trip and film
photos which enabled me to pursue my ambitions as an amatuer photographer.  It helped me solidify in my own
mind where I want to move and what exactly it is I want to do, both career wise and how I attend to my life in
general – pursuing certain interests, dealing with people and the world around me and keeping life in perspective.  
It wasn’t all sun and fun.  I knew going in that there would be times that I would feel lonely during the long
stretches between family and friends and that came to pass.  I learned that nothing in life is perfect, you take the
good with the bad.  But, hopefully the benefits will far outweigh the costs and this is the case with my journey.  
 I hope everyone who has read this got something out of it.  If only helping you to decide where to take your next
vacation, I would be pleased.
Adam's Great Adventure
Why I'm Doing This...
Final Thoughts (11 mo's later)